Box Grove Vineyard Late Harvest Viognier

Viognier Tabilk

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Meet The Maker

Sarah GoughWinemaker
It is my philosophy in both the vineyard and winery to tread as lightly as we can. In the vineyard we make our own compost to improve soil structure and work with the vines natural growth habits to create canopies for shade and air flow, to avoid the

Why Sarah loves this wine.

"The meaning of Late Harvest - The fruit is left on the vines late into Autumn, when the days are long and the nights cool. The grapes slowly shrivel and raisin giving the wine a wonderful richness and intensity. "

About this wine

Viognier's apricot varietal character is clear and the perfumed bouquet leads into an elegantly balanced palate whe


About the vineyard

Box Grove VineyardTabilk, Victoria

abilk has belts of deep red soil and others of granite sand over layers of ancient river gravel. Our white wines, roussanne and vermentino, are often described as having a mineralogy and complexity?a contribution, no doubt, from the granite soils on

Wine Facts

Region: Victoria - Tabilk

Vintage: 2017

Alcohol: 10.2%

Preservatives: Sulphites

Volume 750ml

Food Pairing

Cheese Platter