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From humble beginnings to a loyal following of over 80,000 members we know what it's like to be the little guy and that's why we support our passionate independent producers.

Through the continued backing from you, our Boutique community, we’re able to support our passionate independent producers. This loyalty allows them to spend less time focusing on marketing, and more time spent on crafting the wines they know you’ll love. We deal directly with our winemakers, so we’ll promise to deliver premium wines, at insider prices.

Supporting our Aussie winemakers – and the awards don’t lie

We leave no stone unturned in search of supporting the finest winemaking talent in the country, whilst listening out for ever award-winning drop that’s out there (you’ll notice we’ve got quite a few winemakers with gold in the resumes). Our very own Haselgrove Vineyard have turned their lifelong passion into a reality this year, by winning Winemaker of the Year and Winery of the Year. All thanks to our supportive community here at the Boutique Wine Society.

Your next great wine experience

Finding your favorite wine varietal can be an overmeling and costly experience.
We promise you’ll discover new and exciting wine, risk free, with our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee, all whilst having the gratitude from winemakers all over the country. Inside your boutique selection, you too can sound like a wine connoisseur with our detailed tasting notes.

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