Privacy Policy

The Boutique Wine Society is committed to maintaining the privacy of our member's personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles and applicable legislation. All information is collected and protected by Wine Partners of Australia Pty Ltd, which operates the Boutique Wine Society.

What information we collect:

The Boutique Wine Society only collects necessary information for the sale and distribution of wine to it's members. We collect this information so that we can carry on our business, deliver goods to you, provide you with services.

As a new member we will collect your name, email, phone number, address and date of birth, and payment information (payment information is collected by our payment gateway provider, read below).

To enable us to better serve you our communications, we may also collect collaborated information about your browser type, location, operating system and device information to help improve the compatibility and service of this website and emails we may send.

No payment information of a sensitive nature is collected or stored by The Boutique Wine Society (see following).

Credit Cards & Payment Information:

We do not collect or store sensitive payment information used with this website. All online payments are processed directly through a securely bank-hosted payment gateway system. We only store tokens which are issued to us by our payment gateway' secure system. All sensitive payment information is submitted directly to our payment gateway provider. Our payment gateway provider is supplied by National Australia Bank (NABTransact) and Westpac Bank (Payway) who are Australian Service Providers.


Membership information is held on secure databases and cloud data service providers that may only accessed by authorised staff of the Boutique Wine Society to manage customer orders, deliveries or accounts.


Membership information is not disclosed to any third party except as required to arrange delivery, payment of wine and contacting you in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Updating & Accuracy:

We make every effort to keep our membership information up to date. You may contact us if you wish to notify us of a change in your membership information. Your personal information may also be updated at any time by using the website


Members may access their information at any time. Simply contact us and we will provide your information after checking your identity. To protect privacy our staff will confirm personal details before providing information to you.

Direct marketing

Your personal information will only be used by us to contact you for direct marketing (special offers, news, promotions, advertising) only when you have given express or implied consent to receive communications.

Opt Out

You may opt out of any email contact by following the appropriate links on the bottom of the email that we send you. If the links are not displaying for you, you may contact us ( to update your information or preferences.


You may also contact us ( or 1300 654 554) if you have any queries regarding our privacy policy or terms of use, or for any other reason.