Boutique Winter Hack #1

Boutique Winter Hack #1

27th Jun 2019

Sparkling Shiraz Food Pairings

When the weather cools down a chilled sparkling might not be the first wine you reach for. You may be considering a rich, hearty Shiraz which of course is a great choice but for us sparkling lovers out there why not have the best of both worlds and opt for a sparkling Shiraz! Better yet why not pair the delicious bubbly with a wonderful dish.

We have our top picks below and some you may be surprised to see but remember a Sparkling Shiraz retains many of the characteristics of a still Shiraz so it will pair beautifully with many Savoury dishes as well as the expected sweets. 

Dark Chocolate Mousse


Sticky BBQ pork ribs
Might sound strange but do yourself a favour & try it!


Pancakes with Strawberries & Cream 

A little bubbly at breakfast never goes astray


Roast Turkey & Cranberry Sauce
..and don't forget all the trimmings!


Strong Flavoured Cheeses 

Such as vintage cheddar and blue 


Plum Pudding
with brandy custard


Roast Duck with Chinese Spices duck